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Bottom wiper
Our company was expanded eight years ago because of an accident that forced me into a personal care situation to which I could not find an adequate solution. I tripped and fell three feet down concrete steps, landed on a concrete pad onto both knees at the same time. The force of the fall and collision with the concrete ripped the four large tendons from the upper muscles of both knees. The surgery to repair my legs was to make me normal within one year. My wife's position at work allowed her to take off a period of time deemed necessary for my recovery to a personal manageable point. She cared for me extensively and wonderfully. Shortly before she was to go back to work, I realized because of my limited movement I could not effectively reach and clean my posterior and other parts of body. With the braces on my legs and crutches under my arms, I went to every personal home care product facility and asked about a bottom wiper instrument. No one had anything in their store to help me. I went online to see what was available and ordered three recommended butt wiper products. They were flimsy, messy, and ill- conceived. I could not clean myself properly with these butt wiper products, certainly not to my satisfaction. I went to the garage and developed a prototype which is what you now see as the "GrooVy" bottom wiper. With the "GrooVy" bottom wiper I was able to clean myself completely, leaving me feeling fresh and confident. I know you too will be excited about the results you will experience using the "GrooVy" toilet assistance bottom wiper device.
No bottom wiper on the market:
- holds the tissue or wipes more tightly
- allows you to clean more thoroughly
- and releases the paper more easily
Than The "GrooVy" bottom wiper

"Easy to use, satisfying results."
 "GrooVy"   History 
​ To provide necessary
comfort and peace of mind in difficult and
trying circumstances.
To afford those in restricted
situations, the opportunity
for freedom, dignity and
hope of a less incumbered
life style.
            THIS IS A     QUALITY PRODUCT !!